We’re Mike and Jason and we love history. We’re international teachers and we created this blog to share best practices, drop some tech tips and generally bring our favorite subject to life.

Here’s is more about us:

Jason Deehan: I’ve been teaching since 2001 and have worked in international schools in the Middle East, Asia and the Caribbean. I am the author of two education-related books, and two fiction books (shameless self-promotion!) for children. I love engaging students and making the past as relevant as possible to the leaders of tomorrow. As well as being an educator, I am also a proud dad and a very lucky husband!

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Michael Kaufman: I am a New Jersey native and a proud graduate of the University of Massachusetts – Amherst and Rutgers Graduate School of Education. I have taught upper elementary, high school history, and currently I have found a home teaching 7th grade social studies. My teaching style combines organized chaos with strict procedures, doused with technology and collaboration, laid on top of a foundation of trying something new. And I love dressing up! Learn more about my background, experiences, and publications at MrMichaelKaufman.wordpress.com

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