The Ides of March – 5 Things

Today is the day Julius Caesar was warned to beware. Here are 5 little-known facts about Caesar’s extremely bad day:

1. Caesar was unprotected. The rules of the Roman Senate stated that weapons were forbidden. This is a pretty good rule for any legislative assembly room since heated debates generally cause tempers to flare. However, for Julius Caesar, this meant his bodyguards waited outside the Senate chamber while his rule-breaking assassins lurked safely within.

2. Caesar was inadvertently saved from a quick death by his clothing. On the day of the assassination, Caesar was wearing heavy wool robes. These likely prevented his killers from getting in a quick, clean blow and prolonging the attack. 

3. According to the Roman historian Suetonius, the fortune teller who gave Caesar the cryptic warning was named Spurinna. 

4. Caesar’s last words were likely “You too, child?”, if he said anything at all. Accounts of the incident vary widely.

5. The assassins were new at the whole murder thing. They managed to stab themselves many times in the chaos of the attack. 

Hi 5!

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