Teaching Overseas – Schools with Highest Savings Potential

Teachers are not in it for the money. Otherwise, why would we be teachers?!

Having said that, we ain’t doing this for free either!

And, if you are going to get paid, isn’t it interesting to know where on Earth you can receive the biggest remuneration bang for your labor-of-love bucks?

Andrew Hallam, author of the bestseller, Millionaire Teacher and The Global Expatriate’s Guide to Investing: From Millionaire Teacher to Millionaire Expat, recently wrote a great article at assetbuilder.com outlining which overseas teaching posts offer the best opportunities for savings.

Here’s the link: https://assetbuilder.com/knowledge-center/articles/teachers-can-save-a-small-fortune-at-these-schools-abroad

Money isn’t everything. Choosing the right school and the right location is a complicated process involving options such as security, opportunities for growth, lifestyle, language, and travel. But, what if you can meet all your needs AND have significant savings at the end of the year? 

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